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Apple Macs Scareware Attacks Problem

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It was bound to happen.

Now Apple users are facing a growing attack of scareware that has been a constant plague to Windows users.

The new attacks tell Apple users that their software has been infected and that they need to input personal information like credit card data. The crooks then use the information for further criminal acts.

Apple users had long been spared these attacks as Windows users were the primary target due to the software’s popularity, but now that Apple has eclipsed Microsoft in revenue and is continuing to grow, criminals are looking at a golden opportunity launch their efforts against the Apple community.

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The same tactics the scammers use on on Microsoft they’re using on Apple.

The gangs takes advantage of users’ naivete’ thinking that the scareware is actually from Apple and the unsuspecting users fall prey to the sophisticated looking scareware that is embedded in such programs as Safari. If users don’t disable the default mode that allows the downloading of safe files, the malicious software will install itself automatically and then wreak havoc.

So far names like MacDefender, MacSecurity, and MacProtector have sprung up fooling users into thinking these programs are legitimate Macintosh programs.

Apple is going to have to realize they’re the new sheriff in town and that they’ll need to keep vigilant regarding such attacks and that means spending more money on cybersecurity. Mac users will also have to step up to the plate and not trust anything unless its endorsed by Apple’s main websites.

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