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Apple Ping Update

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Apple Ping Update – Apple has made it clear that they are looking to get into social networking and social media in a big way. Using their iTunes platform they recently debuted and announced their new social networking tool, Ping. The service was created to allow users to share the music they download and purchase with one another, among other media including television shows and movies.

Now, they are looking to add a number of features to the service to make it more competitive with the other, more popular social networking services like Facebook and Following in the footsteps of Last.FM, Ping has been updated to allow users to post the music that they are currently listening to, further adding ways to share your favorite music with all of your friends.

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Previously, the service merely allowed the user to share the music that they had purchased through the iTunes platform. The new update will make it much easier for users to share music that they had already previously purchased. They have also added a number of organizational features that allow users to better organize the music that they are sharing with their friends through genres.

Although the updates add a bit of functionality to the service, they still have a ways to go in terms of making the service usable on a widespread level. As of right now, it only caters to people who already are using the service, and will not draw in users from around the web int he same way that other social networking services have.

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