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Apple Safari 5.0.1 & Extensions Gallery Out

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Apple Safari 5.0.1 & Extensions Gallery Out – Amid criticism, Apple is rolling out their Safari 5.0.1 browser, which will come complete with an extension gallery. The browser is the same one that is used on iPhone’s, iPad’s and other apple devices. They will be patching up a few security flaws that were included in the browser’s auto fill forms functionality that could accidentally reveal personal data and address book information.

The Extensions Gallery will feature a number of add-on applications that can be used to extend the functionality of the browser. Instead of including the features on the browser, the company has elected to make them optional and downloadable for their users. These add-ons could potentially tie the browser to social networks, cloud services, news updates, photo sites, and a plethora of different websites.

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“Safari 5 has been a big hit, and user response to the innovative new Safari Reader has been fantastic,” said Apple VP of Mac OS X marketing Brian Croll, in a statement. He went on to say that he has been thrilled with the production of the extensions. It is clear that they will be useful to users.

Extensions, or add-ons, have been previously utilized by other browsers including Chrome and Firefox, and have pushed the popularity of those browsers forward. The addition of extensions to Safari will ensure that the browser’s functionality will continue to grow. The extensions can be developed using JavaScript, CSS and HTML and will make it easier for you to receive information from your favorite sites on the web.

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