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Apple Supplier Report 2011

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A recent supplier report from Apple has revealed quite a few disturbing things about the company, including the fact that it has exploited children to work in its factories doing various forms of mass manufacturing work as well as extremely unsafe working conditions.

The toxic conditions have led to numerous injuries and health issues as well as ten suicides at the Foxconn building which was recently investigated, hence the initial report which was launched to review the working conditions of the supplier.

Apple sent Tim Cook who is the COO for the company to Foxconn to take a look around. A team of people whose job titles are “suicide prevention specialists” were sent to deal with some of the issues which had become a problem there recently.

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The team which was dispatched to Foxconn praised the supplier for acting quickly, getting multiple psychologists and counselors in as quickly as possible.

They even went as far s to set up a full 24 hour care center which is able to help employees with any emotional problems they may be experiencing. The team added that Foxconn’s effort could very well save the lives of future employees who are working under these terrible conditions.

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