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Apple TV iPhone OS 4 Cost $99 Say Rumors

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Apple TV iPhone OS 4 Cost $99 Say Rumors – In response to the recent announcement of Google TV, a service that will allow users to have a box that connects to their television and also allows them to run apps from the Android app store on their television has another large competitor entering the space, Apple TV. Apple scrambled to launch information regarding their competing product directly after Google made their own announcement. The service that Apple announced today was said to run on the iPhone OS 4, and will only cost $99, according to some estimates. The service will also use the A4 processor for optimum speed.

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A source close to Apple quickly confirmed the rumors that have made their way online in recent days. They also confirmed that the device will be capable of playing full 1080p HD on the television that it is hooked up to. The announcement marks a rapid departure from the original, current version that offers users 160GB of storage space, and costs a whopping $229. Apple TV will also be able to display YouTube videos and images from iPhoto and Flickr.

It is unclear if Apple TV will be app/desktop based like their iPhones, or if their new version of Apple TV will be a search based operating system, much like Google TV. Both of the services will not run through the current Comcast and DirectTV companies, and instead will take the information that flows through their boxes and make it available to their own devices.

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