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Apple vs Microsoft Value:Apple Now World’s Biggest Tech Company

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Apple vs Microsoft Value:Apple Now World’s Biggest Tech Company – This week marks a major shift in the technology marketplace, as Apple overtook Microsoft in total technology value yesterday. Desktop computers have become a norm in every house across the globe, but as desktop sales slow and mobile devices see significant rises (especially smart phones) it is clear that Microsoft has been left in the dust. Today Apple was able to secure their spot as the world’s largest technology company. Apple had always been seen as Microsoft’s distant cousin, as Microsoft had dominated the technology industry through their various departments, but most specifically through their operating system sales and sales for their Microsoft Office Productivity Suite.

Apple has been able to place to themselves at the forefront of technology through their iPhone, iPad, and iPod sales, along with their healthy desktop and laptop divisions. They have essentially been able to make themselves appear to be the more ‘hip’ company of the two, leaving Microsoft in their dust for the first time in the company’s history. Microsoft has largely depended on the status quo to stay relevant, but complaints over the speed of their operating systems and functionality of their devices have left many looking for another brand to make their purchases from.
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Today, Apple stock sits only three points higher than Microsoft. The only American company that is currently valued higher than Apple is Exxon Mobil. The revenue for both companies is comparable, with Microsoft bringing in just over $58 billion last year compared to Apple’s $43 billion. Microsoft is, however, sitting on a larger pile of cash than Apple, nearly $12 billion more.
“The battle has shifted from Microsoft against Apple to Apple against Google,” said Tim Bajarin, a technology analyst. “Apple has a significant lead. But Google is going to be a powerful competitor.”

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