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Apple White iPhone 4 Release Date

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Apple White iPhone 4 Release Date – Apple announced today that the iPhone 4 will be released in the second half of July. The news quickly spread around the internet and went viral on many technology blogs. While the iPhone, up until this point, has been exclusively black, it will be interesting to see people walking around with white iPhone’s. While the statement that the company released today was very brief, they did confirm that they were releasing the phone to the public toward the middle of next month.

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Black iPhone 4 phones will reportedly arrive on schedule, before the white version of the phone is even released. The phone will hit stores on Thursday for the first time, and there is expected to be a lot of hype surrounding the phone. If you are planning on picking one up on the day that the phone is released, you can expect to find very long lines, and most locations will sell out of the phone very quickly. Using the pre-order numbers that have been released by the company, along with the spike in iPad sales, it appears that Apple devices are as popular as ever with the consumer.
Apple reported that they have taken a total of 600,000 preorders for the iPhone thus far. The initial stages of the pre-ordering process were hindered when the AT&T site experienced security flaws and lag time while many users were attempting to complete checkout. Some even reported that they were logged into other accounts while they were in the middle of checking out, exposing other peoples information to many users.

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