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*Sponsored Links* asks more from Users – We all remember Jeeves the butler; he was the character that originally made the swath engine so popular back in the days where very few people used the Internet in comparison to today’s users. However, the popularity of the search engine was out done by Google, and has come up with a new idea in a bid to boost the usage of their site. The site is not attempting to build a community of uses who will ask and answer questions. Now, when a person enters a search term the answers will be displayed among other results.

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Of course, this is certainly not a new idea and it has been done before. Yahoo Answers have been around for a long time now, as has the original Ask Answers. There are however newer services such as Aardvark and Quora. The president of the Ask network has said that they are focusing more on questions and answers because it can sometimes be difficult to find the answers that you need within a short amount of time. Research shows that this is a very effective way of perform research, so expect to see the popularity of back on the rise again. After all, users are always going to use the most time effective service, and the service that can offer them the best results. Hopefully this new move will make a huge difference to the search engine, and also make searching more efficient for users too.

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