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Astronaut Gets Stuck In Space

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Today an astronaut named Stephen Bowen working in the International Space Station managed to himself stranded in space for half an hour because some robot actually an 800-pound pump broke down.

That’s got to be scary as it’s like something out of a science fiction movie.

Can you imagine what would have happened if R2 D2 had broken down in the middle of the fight where Luke Skywalker was trying to blow up the Death Star? That would be so wrong!

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Nowadays we depend on robots for all sorts of things but when they break down we’re left with having to do without them and that can be freaky. There are robots making cars and other big items and they do it day and night. Sometimes they go berserk and years ago some unlucky dude in Japan got killed when a robot arm caught him the wrong way and crushed him. Can you imagine what his insurance company had to say?

We all grew up on those movies and tv shows where robots would talk and so on and even get into arguments with people. Now it’s a reality but our robots still aren’t like C3PO or that robot from the old tv show “Lost in Space”. Our robots just do things like put something attached to something. Our computers just process information but as you can see here, even on the International Space Station, this astronaut Stephen Bowen was in outer space with no one to rescue him. That’s got to be the most screwed up situation a guy can get himself into.

He eventually got back into the International Space Station but you have to admit he probably had to change his space diapers.

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