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At T Wireless Login Issues September 7

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At T Wireless Login Issues September 7 – Over the extended holiday weekend, a report was released that stated that the AT&T network had a number of bugs that allowed mobile users to have the ability to login to other people’s Facebook accounts. The glitch did not affect more than a handful of people, but the security flaw was a major one nonetheless. Although the glitch was originally thought to be with the Facebook API settings, it is now clear that the problem was more with AT&T software that was malfunctioning.

The error was apparently a routing error, and AT&T immediately addressed the issue, stating that they had fixed the problem.

However, the problems have persisted and more users are reporting the same experience. AT&T has not disclosed how many customers have come forward claiming that they have had problems but it is apparently enough for them to disable the API until they can figure out what the problem is.
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The technology blog slashdot speculated that the incident was caused by a corrupted caching proxy at AT&T or a bug in the HTTP headers set by Facebook. Representatives for Facebook have not commented on the matter at this time, and it appears that they will avoid making any statements until the problem has been corrected. They likely do not want to draw attention to the bug, because then it will give more people the opportunity to exploit it.

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