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AT&T Announces Support for Google-Verizon Plan

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AT&T Announces Support for Google-Verizon Plan – In an announcement that won’t surprise anyone, AT&T has said that they support Google and Verizon’s joint proposal for regulation of the Internet, which wouldn’t apply to mobile devices.

The proposal offered a suggestion for regulations that would prohibit broadband providers from cutting speeds for consumers, or offering better service based on company, factors, or downloads with file sharing software.

However, the difference in mobile web, added to the still growing competition for the service, kept the businesses from seeking to create a similar regulation on mobile devices.

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Net Neutrality continues to be a major issue facing the Internet services industry. Fairness related to speed and priority has been argued by providers who want to continue to have the ability to generate higher profits by offering corporations or major clients better speeds.

They have also argued against having to discontinue unannounced speed cuts for those downloading via file sharing agents, a move that has been largely criticized in many circles.

Others oppose net neutrality because they believe the Internet should be free and open, without regulations controlling it.

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