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AT&T Data Plan Killed

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AT&T Data Plan Killed – AT&T announced today that they will be offering tethering for an addition $20 per month, but will also be capping the amount of data that their users can consume, and dumping their previous unlimited plans. The changes will only affect new iPhones starting on June 7. Currently, the unlimited plan runs customers $30 per month, but AT&T will be offering additional plans and will be charging users fees when they go over their allotted data.
AT&T has said that the move will be a win for all customers. They said they were breaking away from the “one size fits all” model that they are currently using and are allowing users to seek out more affordable plans if they plan on using less data.

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The plan will begin next Monday, when the company will unveil their iPhone OS 4 operating system. The new $15 per month Data plan will allow users to consume up to 200 MB, with each additional 200 MB costing the customer an addition $15. The $25 data plan will allow users to use up to 2 GB of data, and each 1 GB will cost an additional $10.
AT&T’s unlimited plan has been a long standing standard for the company, but it appears that the business format was not working out for the company. Despite their claims that the new data usage plans will benefit customers, many customers have raised concerns over the pricing changes. AT&T has been known to complain about iPhone users using the bulk of their data capacity, and the new move reflects a plan that works for the company.

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