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Microsoft Office 2010 Release Date »

Microsoft Office 2010 Release Date – Microsoft has announced that Office 2010 would be available on May 12 for professionals and for the general public in June.In addition, purchasers of Office 2007 on or after March 5 will receive a free upgrade on the product. The U.S. publisher has also confirmed that the software is […]

Vizio Internet Apps Ad:TV Commercial »

Vizio Internet Apps Ad:TV Commercial – Vizio Internet Apps ad and infos can be found here.Just yesterday VIZIO rolled out their high end XVT series and now they are already promoting their LCDs with VIZIO Internet Apps included.Vizio Internet Apps TV has the following features: -802.11n wireless networking -slider QWERTY Bluetooth remote. -they serve up […]

New Facebook Layout 2010 »

New Facebook Layout 2010 – Facebook new layout is the big headline in the tech world this Thursday.The new design is more about tweaking the old one and offering more freedom to the 350 million users of the website.The biggest change is the search box that was moved to the left in a more prominent […] » – can be found at the following address will find all the infos that you need about the 2010 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center earlier tonight.If you are searching for the names of the winners,check them out below.

Notehall:( »

Notehall:( – Notehall ( is a website where students can buy and sell class notes, study guides, and lecture only caters to Arizona State, University of Arizona and University of Kansas as of right now.Notehall is growing soon it will add other universities to this list.Check out this site at scam is the […] Home 2010 » Home 2010 – Home is the place to go if you want to try to win a new home.Every year a HGTV Dream Home is given away to a lucky contestant.The HGTV Dream Home 2010 special aired earlier tonight.Some people were not happy with the location of the home and others complained about […]