Author Archive Turns Facebook Feed into an Excel Spreadsheet »

Ever surf Facebook at work but were afraid your boss would catch you? Well fear no more as it’s reported that a new website lets you surf the popular social networking site without the chance of your boss catching on. Well that’s what this story claims anyhow. Of course it was college students who came […]

Anonymous Hackers Orlando, Florida War Declaration »

The hacker group known as Anonymous has stated that they’re going to war on the city of Orlando, Florida. The super tourist spot is the latest target of the international computer terrorist group who say they’re targeting Orlando due to the city officials arresting people for giving out food to the homeless. The group cited […]

LulzSec’s Rival Wants To Expose Group Members »

Begun the Hacker Wars have. That’s what ‘Yoda’ the little green friend of the Star Wars saga might say after reading this latest story regarding the ongoing battles between the hackers and the authorities but in a twist of fate that is sure to upend the entire battle, rival groups are now at one another’s […]

FBI Seizes Web Servers »

If one of your favorite websites was offline today then you can probably blame the FBI who raided the servers of the DigitalOne company that has web servers in Virginia. No word as to why the FBI took out the servers and left several websites offline but speculation is that they were after one of […]

Ryan Cleary (LulzSec Hacker??) Charged »

The teenager that Scotland Yard busted as a suspect in the cyber attacks on government websites and is a suspected member of such international criminal hacking groups as Anonymous and Lulz Security, is still hitting the news. Now it’s learned more about the strange behavior of Ryan Cleary, who is looking at insane amounts of […]

Winklevoss vs Facebook Still Going At It In Court »

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his legal team lost a round today in court as Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twin brothers who’ve said that Zuckerberg stole their idea of Facebook are now appealing an earlier court ruling that upheld a $65 million cash-and-stock settlement they had previously reached in 2008. All related litigation is […]