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Sega Cyber Attack Affected Over 1 Million Users »

The full scope of the hacking attack on the Sega gaming website has the Japanese based company disclosing that about 1.3 million customers have had their personal data stolen from their database. Although Sega Pass customers are now being told that only their birthdates, emails, and encrypted passwords were stolen and not their payment information, […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets Recall 2011 »

It’s reported that the company Research In Motion Ltd recalled around 1,000 of its Playbook tablets. Apparently the tablets have a flaw in the operating system’s operation system build that is a potential problem. The potential problems would happen during initial start up and that isn’t good. that makes the Blackberry said the overall […]

Google Online Piracy Drama »

It appears Google is again the target of scorn as lawmakers have their sights set on the search engine giant claiming that Google is public enemy No. 1 regarding online piracy. It’s Chairman Bob Goodlatte R-Va that is pointing out Google’s foot dragging in regards to shutting out the websites that host or promote online […]

Verizon Customers U.S. Data Breach »

Another victim of the Epsilon security breach has come forward to warn it’s customers that their email addresses were exposed by the hackers. Verizon Communications finally informed their customers of the penetration that is a result of the hacker attack on Epsilon that services dozens of companies and dozens of colleges and other institutions. Epsilon’s […]

Microsoft Sues Barnes & Noble »

Barnes & Noble Inc is going toe to toe with Microsoft Corp as the latter has filed lawsuits for patent infringement over the Nook electronic book reader. Microsoft basically says that Barnes & Nobel’s e-readers infringe on several of Microsoft’s patents using software that is able to tab between screens and surf the web as […]

Amazon Internet Sales Tax Law In Illinois »

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed new legislation that requires Internet retailers to collect Illinois’ 6.25% sales tax if they have affiliate sellers in Illinois. The House Bill 3659 is called the Mainstreet Fairness Bill was highly contested by companies within the state and would have become law had Quinn not done anything anyway. In response, […]