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Billion-pixel Camera For Milky Way Shots? »

Get ready for a new look at our Milky Way Galaxy as the European Space Agency states it has finally completed their largest digital camera ever built for space exploration. This camera which is due to be launched onboard the Gaia mission in 2013 for the Esa has an astounding one billion pixel array camera […]

Facebook Parties Banned in Germany? »

Germany is ready to outlaw what are called “Facebook Parties” due to several incidents of people getting out of control and causing damage and injury. The parties occur when people promote a party but don’t stop to adjust their privacy settings or don’t realize the ramifications of what they’re doing. In several cases not only […]

Google Hires Lobbyists To Fight Antitrust Investigation »

Google is loaded for bear regarding the FTC’s impending antitrust probe into the company. Google says it has hired 12 lobbying firms to help them in battling the FTC in this regard. The FTC had been digging around Google regarding whether the company engaged in unfair practices in dominating the search engine market so the […]

Employers Can Dig Internet Dirt on Applicants »

As was predicted by web experts back in the 1990’s, the US’ FTC has approved a company’s desire to search social media sites for your personal information to send to prospective employers. This means everything you’ve said or done online on these sites could be accessed by this company in order to send that data […]

China New US Enemy In Cyber War »

China has now turned into the official Soviet Union Lite as it has taken up the mantle of shifting responsibility for everything to someone else as long as it’s bad news. The Chinese military, much like the days of the Cold War, are blaming the US of some sort of global plan of internet domination […]

10 Facebook Facts And You »

An entertaining survey about Facebook came out last week and the findings are sure to raise an eyebrow or two. Some of the interesting results say that over half of Americans think it’s irresponsible to ‘friend’ your boss, meaning to add your boss to the list of friends you associate with on Facebook. In addition […]