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Facebook Video Chat Via Skype »

More news about the upcoming breakthrough secret from Facebook as the rumors spread by it’s owner Mark Zuckerberg has techies and Facebook members chomping at the bit. Some figured it would be apps for iPads and iPhones but so far the best bet is a new interactive hybrid of Facebook and Skype. This would be […]

Facebook iPad App Rumor »

Facebook fans are sitting on the edge of their seats as Mark Zuckerberg the head of Facebook has announced that something ‘awesome’ is going to happen next week to the social networking site. With over 600 million users on Facebook, anything he launches is going to be seen and used by that many people. Speculation […]

Apple iPad2 Software Glitch Recall 2011 »

That steam rising over the horizon comes from some really angry iPad2 owners who were told their devices are being recalled due to a software glitch. Apple Inc. has decided to recall an unspecified number of iPad2 tablets that are configured to use the Verizon network because the units have a connectivity problem or two. […]

Apple Stopping DUI checkpoint Apps »

Apps have become so much of our lives now that some can’t live without them. One such app called the DUI checkpoint app is being banned by Apple as US senators from several states have asked that the apps be removed. The apps allow drivers to look for DUI checkpoints set up by police. With […]

Spain Arrests Anonymous Members »

Spain’s cops are on the ball in the war against cyber hacking as they’ve busted three suspected members of the infamous group Anonymous, charging them with cyber attacks against websites, banks, governments and more. These arrests so far are said not to have anything to do with the recent massive attack against the Sony Playstation […]

Facebook Facial Recognition »

Facebook users are concerned about a new facial recognition feature that the company has implemented that scours photos so that pictures can be used to point out friends in tag suggestions. Without any fanfare, Facebook has implemented this feature that has many concerned about the growing eroding of privacy with the world’s number one social […]