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AV Security Suite Removal

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AV Security Suite Removal – The AV Security Suite is a fraud virus removal program that is actually malware posing as something that will help you. Keep in mind that it has actual no benefits for your system, and is intended to gather data from your system and to deliver you advertisements on a regular basis. You may notice a number of fabricated infection warnings popping up at the bottom of your screen. The tool attempts to get you to purchase it by telling you that you have warnings when you really don’t. It may even pop up to the forefront of your screen, and refuse to close until you have purchased the item.

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Navigating your computer may become impossible with the AV Security Suite running. It will constantly tell you that you have infections, and other things wrong with your computer when you really don’t. The program has even been known to hijack your web browser, and prevent you from visiting sites that detail how to get rid of the program, or any site that is related to cyber security, other than their own site, where you are instructed to purchase the program.
The program will also block applications that run on your computer, including a number of antivirus and malware programs that could potentially get rid of the annoying program. Do not buy the program. Use another computer to look up how to uninstall the software, and then remove the software in safe mode so that you can be sure that you do not reinfect the computer during the process.

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