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Best Buy Black Friday 2010 Ads

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Best Buy Black Friday 2010 Ads – Although many of the other stores that will be busy on Black Friday, the notorious shopping day after Thanksgiving, have already announced their sales, it is unclear just where Best Buy stands in all this. It has however revealed some of the good deals it is giving to consumers, such as its 50-inch plasma TV which is going for only $699 as well as Wii Console that comes fully loaded Wii Remote Plus, Wii Sports Resort, and a Nunchuck for $169. They are also offering a Flip Video UltraHA camera for the low price of $99.99.

It seems as though most of the deals that the electronics giant is offering beat most of the deals that can be found at Wal-Mart. A MacBook Pro that is going for $1,119 and has a 13.3 inch screen has left much to desire though, so all of the deals that Best Buy is offering are not unbelievably great.

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There will however be lines outside the store hours before it opens no doubt, making it one of the biggest shopping events of the entire year as always. This year consumers will have to do their homework when it comes to separating out the good deals from the ones that are just okay, because when it comes to Black Friday, ever minute you are out and about counts. On this day people are known for taking actual tents and camping outside the doors until they officially open and the store is ready to do business, and this year proves to be exactly the same.

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