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Black America

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Black America – first opened its doors in June 2001. The company is an internet based company that has been covering the news that pertains to Black America since the web site first opened. Tom Joyner, the creator of the web site and host of the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show” has been behind the project from the beginning and has been able to raise a large amount of funding for the web site. The website also has created the Relief Fund which is in place to help families who are assisting members of other displaced families who were affected by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

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The funds from the relief fund go towards helping families secure food and shelter, and most of the supplies are delivered. They have gone out of their way to ensure that all of the money that is placed into the fund goes to a family in need.
The website also offers scholarships for individuals who are attending an institution of higher education. The Tom Joyner Foundation first began in 1998. Since then they have helped thousands of young black American’s to earn a higher education and help them pay their tuition. The student will be required to maintain a certain grade point level and record of attendance to continue receiving financial help from the organization. It is seen to that all of the money goes directly into the students tuition funds and the only funds that are deviated from tuition include room and board, books, and other school related bills and funds.
The website keeps Black Americans up to date on the latest information that pertains to them. The web site is updated daily with opportunities and information to help Black American’s succeed in day to day life. Through their work with different charities and funds they have been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the victims of Katrina, and for individuals who would like to go back to school.

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