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BlackBerry Ban In Certain Countries

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BlackBerry Ban In Certain Countries – A number of countries are considering banning BlackBerry mobile devices amid concerns over security with most of the data being rerouted abroad. The most prominent country considering banning the devices is India. India has become increasingly high tech in recent years, and nearly 1.2 billion people have threatened to stop using the device until the maker, Research in Motion Ltd. makes the data more readily available to intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Currently, research is being conducted to check the viability of the device and the security in place for data rerouting around the world. If India bans the mobile device, the company would lose a large international business market share. Some experts have speculated that the company will be forced to give into the demands of the Indian government at some point.

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Indonesia is also considering banning the device. They would like Research in Motion to place a server in their country. They are afraid that their emails will be intercepted as they pass through servers overseas and would like to have a heightened presence in their data movement. Lebanon is also currently reviewing whether or not to allow the device to be used in their country.
Saudi Arabia already ordered a halt to BlackBerry service across the nation. Their telecommunications regulator says it will allow service to continue within the country after a number of, what he called “positive developments” were made. However, it is still unclear if the lifted ban will remain permanent.

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