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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets Recall 2011

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It’s reported that the company Research In Motion Ltd recalled around 1,000 of its Playbook tablets.

Apparently the tablets have a flaw in the operating system’s operation system build that is a potential problem. The potential problems would happen during initial start up and that isn’t good.

*Sponsored Links* that makes the Blackberry said the overall majority of the tablets had yet to reach the customers so recalling won’t be that difficult. They’re trying to work out replacing the tablets with the problems.

This is a case of not taking enough time to double check the product before shipping as RIM had hoped to take a big chunk out of the tablet market but apparently their rush to do so has caused them to compromise their quality. The bad reviews they’re getting and the recall issue is going to put dampers on their plans.

They’ll have to come up with a monster type of campaign to get people to go for their tablets such as giving away some or some other extra goody.

Perhaps they should just do a redo and then forge ahead after the damage control required.

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