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BlackBerry Torch A Possible Flop

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BlackBerry Torch A Possible Flop – BlackBerry’s new smartphone model “Torch” may be trying to bite off more than it could chew, as the phone may be looking down the barrel of the label “flop. Big, fat flop.”

BlackBerry’s Torch was released on Thursday, and it was hope that it would be able to compete with the iPhone by Apple, and the Android based phones. However, BlackBerry’s market is quite different to the iPhone’s market. BlackBerry ownerrs are primarily business types who are after the functionality of the BlackBerry brand smartphones, as opposed to Apple’s hipster, scene orientated market.

BlackBerry attempted to make their new phone sexier, as to make it more appealing to a wider audience. As with the iPods, the iPhone users are unlikely to switch brands, as Apple tends to be able to keep their customers loyal to the brand, even if they software and hardware has problems.

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People don’t like to part with their iPhones, giving Apple a big slice of the market. When a new version of the iPhone is released, the lines for the new model is huge, with customer lining up outside Apple stores world wide, and the phone selling out rather quickly.

BlackBerry, however, don’t have that market power, or the consumer demand to match Apple.

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