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Blockbuster Express Kiosk: Can It Beat Red Box?

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Blockbuster Express Kiosk: Can It Beat Red Box? – With Labor Day weekend nearly over, you may have seen deals coming from the few available Blockbuster kiosks around your city. These include 3 DVD rentals for $2, a rather low number for any rental agency, following other deals that ranged in the 2-for-$1 area.

You might be thinking “Hey, that is a fantastic deal,” but you could be missing the big picture: Blockbuster is grasping at straws. They have already died as a mainstream rental store, along with companies like Hollywood and mom and pop shops. Now they are doing a crash and burn with kiosks, as well.

The thing is, not everyone like viewing things online or through devices. This means that while Netflix has the bulk share of revenue, they won’t catch it all. The slack has been picked up by convenient Red Box kiosks, which allow you to rent from a kind of electronic vending machine.

Blockbuster seems to be hoping to jump back into the game as a competitor for Red Box, but they don’t even have the revenue to expand. In the meantime, that market has already been so largely covered that it could be hard for them to gain a foothold.

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Already, they have shown that they are not especially adaptable. They had a short lived competitive service with Netflix, and look how that worked out. The truth is, they might just be too late to the party.

Does this mean they absolutely won’t succeed? Not necessarily, but the DVD kiosk idea only has so much oomph, taking up the stragglers still not on board with online viewing. There is only so much business to go around.

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