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*Sponsored Links* – True Blood Fans Get Blood Copy – is the place to go if you love HBO’s hit series ‘True Blood’. As may know ‘True Blood’ Season 3 finale aired last night and many fans went straight to which can be found at the following address to talk about the fact that Bill was face to face with the Queen of Louisiana and we know one of them must die.

Some fans are a bit upset due to the fact there were not many closures to the ongoing storylines,while others are unhappy with the lack of action and bloody scenes.

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Hey at least we will get to watch Sooki really take full possession of her powers after that last scene at Gram’s grave where she vanishes with Claudine .
So what did you think of the finale?
Are you happy that Eric aka cement man is still around?
Do you think that it is over between Bill and Sooki?

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