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Buckyball 25th Anniversary: Buckyball Google Doodle

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Buckyball 25th Anniversary: Buckyball Google Doodle – Over the years there have been many great Google Doodles.We’ve seen themed ones for holidays, and even The Large Hadron Coliider. Yesterday, Google users were greeted with a new Google Doodle, the Buckyball. The Bucky Ball was first discovered in 1985, and Google decided to mark the twenty fifth anniversary of that discovery with a new interactive Google doodle for Google users.

The Bucky Ball was named after Richard Buckminster Fuller.As mentioned above, it is not every day that there is a new Google Doodle. There are very few occasions that require a Google Doodle, but the majority of us would love to see more! They are always interesting, and many of us eagerly await the day when we know that there will be a new one for us to see.

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If you want to see the Bucky Ball Google Doodle then you will sadly be disappointed. The new Google Doodle was only available for users to see for the twenty fifth anniversary of the discovery. However, hopefully there will be many more Google Doodle’s for us to see in the future. To see the next one you just have to wait until the next significant event, or just use Google every day to see what they come up with! Keep your eyes peeled for the next Doodle to grace your computer screens.

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