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Carla Franklin Google Lawsuit: Google Sued By Carla Franklin

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Carla Franklin Google Lawsuit: Google Sued By Carla Franklin – YouTube and Google are being forced to court, as a business consultant claims unauthorized videos of her were posted online, along with comments made online that harmed her reputation.
What she is asking YouTube and Google to do is to unmask a cyber cipher to find out who posted those videos.

Carla Franklin, a former model and actress turned MBA, is claiming that a Google user, or users, impugned her sexual mores under online aliases in comments on a Columbia Business School website, in a petition filed on Monday. Also, there were YouTube film clips, which she didn’t authorize, placed onto the website, in which she appears in a small-budget independent film.

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“She really just wants this exposed, done, so that whoever’s doing it will never do it again,” her lawyer, David M. Fish said. “She really doesn’t want any of this negative stuff following her.”

What has been happening, in the past, is many users of the internet have used their privilege, anonymity, and privacy of the internet to slander, berate and attack different people and companies. Those slanders have been forced to fight back, to find out who said what, and then take the appropriate legal action. Many have won their case and found justice.

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