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Apple iPad2 Software Glitch Recall 2011 »

That steam rising over the horizon comes from some really angry iPad2 owners who were told their devices are being recalled due to a software glitch. Apple Inc. has decided to recall an unspecified number of iPad2 tablets that are configured to use the Verizon network because the units have a connectivity problem or two. […]

Apple Stopping DUI checkpoint Apps »

Apps have become so much of our lives now that some can’t live without them. One such app called the DUI checkpoint app is being banned by Apple as US senators from several states have asked that the apps be removed. The apps allow drivers to look for DUI checkpoints set up by police. With […]

Apple Headquarters New Building »

Working at Apple Inc. just got better. Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO has revealed the new design for the company’s main headquarters. A donut shaped flying saucer type building that will hold 12,000 staff members. That must have investors dancing with joy as it shows Jobs’ confidence in the future of Apple Inc. The new […]

Apple Macs Scareware Attacks Problem »

It was bound to happen. Now Apple users are facing a growing attack of scareware that has been a constant plague to Windows users. The new attacks tell Apple users that their software has been infected and that they need to input personal information like credit card data. The crooks then use the information for […]

Apple Cloud Music Service Near »

Amazon Inc and Google had better step up their goals to have a comprehensive cloud based music streaming service because it’s reported that Apple Inc is about to close their deals with the big music companies and launch their own cloud based service. The streaming service is basically where customers can access their MP3s and […]

Apple, Google Facing Lawmakers Over Privacy »

The controversy regarding the use of tracking data of users of it’s iPhones and Smartphones has Google and Apple in the sights of lawmakers who are concerned about privacy issues. The companies that gather data from users say they need the data for various reasons and that has them salivating at the prospect of what […]