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Apple Chinese Workers Drama »

China may be the world’s fastest growing economy but they’ve never won Brownie points in regards to human rights and now news comes out that Apple Inc. who has manufacturing done in China has their factories being investigated for unfavorable working conditions for the Chinese workers. This isn’t the first time China has been accused […]

Microsoft Profits Surpassed By Apple »

Microsoft is on the defensive now that they company says that sales of their Windows software had slumped during the last quarter and they’re blaming the iPad for the drop. It’s the first time in 20 ears that Microsoft has shown a smaller quarterly profit than Apple Inc. The sale of laptops has slowed since […]

In The Plex Book On Google and Apple »

A new book that’s scheduled to hit the shelves this week is supposed to be so hot that it may tear the roof of the secret Google empire. “In The Plex” is a book authored by one Steven Levy who is a tech reporter who states he’d done two years of research into Google. The […]

Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer On iPhone 5 »

Oops! It looks like SONY CEO Sir Howard Stringer has spilled the digital beans as he accidentally blabbed to everyone in the free world that image sensors will be supplied with the Apple iPhone 5. Stringer’s goof up came when he was doing an interview with the Wall Street Journal and had been discussing the […]

Apple Sues »

In corporate legal news, Apple Inc. has sued Inc to stop them from what Apple says is the improper use of Apple’s APP STORE trademark. California was the setting for the lawsuit filing late last week which basically states that Amazon has improperly used Apple’s APP STORE mark to solicit software developers in the […]

Japan Earthquake Affecting Apple »

As the disasters in Japan continue to unfold, companies that depend on the country for manufacturing may soon find themselves in quite a mess as is predicted for Apple Inc. that is looking at a possible shortage of key components for the new iPad 2. A report released on Thursday states that the newest version […]