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Paper Phone: Roel Vertegaal Smartphone Prototype »

Another breakthrough in computing comes from inventor Roel Vertegaal, the director of Queen’s University Human Media Lab in Kingston, Ontario. This breakthrough is basically a paper like computing system, like a paper phone that can do everything a smart phone can do! It can be used to phone people, read and surf the internet and […]

AT&T Selling Assets For T-Mobile Deal »

It looks like a fire sale for AT&T as they may be forced to sell off some major profits and expand services to the poor to get the final okay from the federal government to finalize it’s $39 billion buyout of Deutsche Telekom AG’s T-Mobile which would make it larger than it’s competitor Verizon Wireless. […]

Motorola Xoom Price »

Shoppers get ready, Motorola’s Zoom now has a price tag, confirms the company’s chief executive Sanjay Jha. Consumers will be pleased to discover that the device is far less costly than most expected. The Motorola’s Xoom is price tagged at $799 unsubsidized via Verizon Wireless. It’s Wi Fi only version will hit the pocket book […]

BlackBerry Ban In Certain Countries »

BlackBerry Ban In Certain Countries – A number of countries are considering banning BlackBerry mobile devices amid concerns over security with most of the data being rerouted abroad. The most prominent country considering banning the devices is India. India has become increasingly high tech in recent years, and nearly 1.2 billion people have threatened to […]

Droid Pro Motorola »

Droid Pro Motorola – The Motorola Droid Pro, which has been described by some as a “Blackberry Killer,” was recently sent out to a number of news organizations for review. So far, the reviews have been stellar for the most part. The phone has a design that is very similar to that of the BlackBerry, […]

Skype Android 2.1 Devices »

Skype Android 2.1 Devices – Skype is now available for Android devices that have been upgraded to the android 2.1 software. It was on Tuesday that the company unveiled their new application that will allow users to use all of the main Skype features from their mobile device. The app will work over Wi-fi or […]