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LulzSec’s Rival Wants To Expose Group Members »

Begun the Hacker Wars have. That’s what ‘Yoda’ the little green friend of the Star Wars saga might say after reading this latest story regarding the ongoing battles between the hackers and the authorities but in a twist of fate that is sure to upend the entire battle, rival groups are now at one another’s […]

Sega Cyber Attack Affected Over 1 Million Users »

The full scope of the hacking attack on the Sega gaming website has the Japanese based company disclosing that about 1.3 million customers have had their personal data stolen from their database. Although Sega Pass customers are now being told that only their birthdates, emails, and encrypted passwords were stolen and not their payment information, […]

IMF Cyber Attack Was Targeted »

More information has come forward regarding the massive cyber attack against the International Monetary Fund. Experts state that the real reason for the attack was to steal sensitive insider information. The attack follows other woes laid upon the IMF after its president, Dominique Strauss-Kahn had been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a maid in a […]

Spain Arrests Anonymous Members »

Spain’s cops are on the ball in the war against cyber hacking as they’ve busted three suspected members of the infamous group Anonymous, charging them with cyber attacks against websites, banks, governments and more. These arrests so far are said not to have anything to do with the recent massive attack against the Sony Playstation […]

Hackers Fight Climate Change »

It’s a hackers paradise as the semi-annual “Random Hacks of Kindness” event is now in full swing. This event is actually sponsored by a collaboration of big named companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo!, NASA, the World Bank, and Google. The purpose of the event is to allow good hackers to pit their minds together to […]

Lockheed Martin Hacking Problem »

Hackers again have wreaked havoc as it’s reported they’ve broken into none other than the top secret Lockheed Martin that is the manufacturer of US military weapons. This is something so serious that national security could have been compromised. They not only hacked Lockheed Martin but also into the realms of several other US military […]