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Howard Stringer Sony Hackers Drama »

The inside story of Sony Corp’s war with hackers is coming out and it looks like the war is nowhere near over. It is now known that Sony had been under threats and attacks for years. They’ve been the target of the group Anonymous, a loose group of terrorist hackers that have been wreaking havoc […]

Verizon Customers U.S. Data Breach »

Another victim of the Epsilon security breach has come forward to warn it’s customers that their email addresses were exposed by the hackers. Verizon Communications finally informed their customers of the penetration that is a result of the hacker attack on Epsilon that services dozens of companies and dozens of colleges and other institutions. Epsilon’s […]

Pandora Faces U.S. Privacy Investigation »

Here comes the US Government to the rescue as they have launched a federal investigation into the security and privacy lapses in apps that go with Apple and Google smartphones. So far Pandora Media got the bad news that they had been subpoenaed regarding the investigation but they are not the primary target. The investigation […]

Customers Exposed In Data Breach »

It’s time to watch your behind as another major breach in customer security has occurred and it looks like it is the biggest breach in US history. A company called Epsilon that stores customer data for many of the biggest companies and banks in the US got itself hacked and customers’ personal information may have […]

Hacker Group Anonymous Leaks Bank of America Emails »

In a move that must have officials at Bank of America sitting on the edge of their seats, the infamous hacker group Anonymous lived up to their claims of releasing emails that they say reveal corruption and fraud regarding BofA. The group sent the curious to the website to get the email files themselves […]

Hacker Group Targets BofA With e-mails Monday Release »

The controversial group known as Anonymous that is renown for it’s computer hacking has stated it plans to release emails they obtained from Bank of America. In a show of solidarity to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, Anonymous said they would release these reportedly incriminating emails on Monday which they state contain documents that expose “corruption […]