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Albert Gonzalez Hacker:Albert Gonzales Soupnazi »

Albert Gonzalez Hacker:Albert Gonzales Soupnazi – Albert Gonzalez,hacker well known in America is back in the headlines.According to reports,he swiped 130 million accounts on top of 40 million he hacked previously.This is the largest ID theft ever involving credit and debit cards.Gonzalez who is also known as Soupnazi is 28 and used to be an […]

Webcam Spy Hacker »

Webcam Spy Hacker-The webcam spy hacker who is a 47-year-old Cypriot computer technician was arrested and has been sentenced to four years of prison .The webcam spy hacker was convicted of hacking into internet webcams in order to spy on teenage girls. The unnamed man used Trojan horse spyware to gain remote control of a […]

CIA Employee Pleads Guilty to Computer Crime »

Nada Nadim Prouty a former employee of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency has pleaded guilty to charges of fraudulently obtaining U.S. citizenship. Prouty has also been found guilty for accessing a U.S. government computer system to unlawfully find information about her relatives and the Islamic organization Hizballah. Nada faces a […]