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Facebook Parties Banned in Germany? »

Germany is ready to outlaw what are called “Facebook Parties” due to several incidents of people getting out of control and causing damage and injury. The parties occur when people promote a party but don’t stop to adjust their privacy settings or don’t realize the ramifications of what they’re doing. In several cases not only […] Turns Facebook Feed into an Excel Spreadsheet »

Ever surf Facebook at work but were afraid your boss would catch you? Well fear no more as it’s reported that a new website lets you surf the popular social networking site without the chance of your boss catching on. Well that’s what this story claims anyhow. Of course it was college students who came […]

Facebook Video Chat Via Skype »

More news about the upcoming breakthrough secret from Facebook as the rumors spread by it’s owner Mark Zuckerberg has techies and Facebook members chomping at the bit. Some figured it would be apps for iPads and iPhones but so far the best bet is a new interactive hybrid of Facebook and Skype. This would be […]

Facebook iPad App Rumor »

Facebook fans are sitting on the edge of their seats as Mark Zuckerberg the head of Facebook has announced that something ‘awesome’ is going to happen next week to the social networking site. With over 600 million users on Facebook, anything he launches is going to be seen and used by that many people. Speculation […]

Winklevoss vs Facebook Still Going At It In Court »

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his legal team lost a round today in court as Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the twin brothers who’ve said that Zuckerberg stole their idea of Facebook are now appealing an earlier court ruling that upheld a $65 million cash-and-stock settlement they had previously reached in 2008. All related litigation is […]

Facebook Facial Recognition »

Facebook users are concerned about a new facial recognition feature that the company has implemented that scours photos so that pictures can be used to point out friends in tag suggestions. Without any fanfare, Facebook has implemented this feature that has many concerned about the growing eroding of privacy with the world’s number one social […]