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Barnes And Noble Nook Ereader »

Barnes And Noble Nook Ereader – Barnes and Noble have unveiled the Barnes and Noble Nook earlier today.The Barnes & Noble’s Kindle is the latest e-reader to hit the market and comes at a hefty price of $259.So what do you get for your $259? A six-inch “paper-like,” with the following details. -16-level grayscale display […]

Zhu Zhu »

Zhu Zhu – Zhu Zhu Pets can be found at site permits users to buy the Zhu Zhu Pets which are battery operated hamsters that appear very realistic and life like along with a complete play set so your animal can have fun.Zhu Zhu Pets have two play modes: the first is the […]

Hr Unixar »

Hr Unixar – Hr unixar is a redirection to where you can purchase Viagra and Cialis pills. That’s all we have for now on Hr Unixar.

50 Foot Spider:50 Foot Spider Photo & Video »

50 Foot Spider:50 Foot Spider Photo & Video – Here are picture and video of the 50-foot spider aka “La Princesse” that is taking over Liverpool.The 50-foot spider is actually a robot that cost £1.5m in order to attract tourism and spur the local economy. The 50-foot spider video is after the jump.

Gadget Bottle Pictures »

Somebody came up with a product called the “Gadget Bottle” that allows you to carry a gadget and 22 ounces of water around the gym.Instead of having your phone in your pocket you can attach the phone to the bottle and place the bottle on the console of the exercise equipment.The bottle ‘s pocket holds […]

Gun Camera Picture »

Orange County, New York’s, Sheriffs got to test a new fun toy called the pistol camera. The Newburgh Police Department has the opportunity to review their officers decision to shoot someone with the gadget. When an officer pulls his gun from the holster, the digital recording begins automatically. The l.5 ounce camera about the size […]