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Final Fantasy XIII Second Game »

Gaming critics were extremely pleased at the long-anticipated release of Final Fantasy XIII which has been in the works for quite some time now. The game unfortunately was somewhat of a disappointment to many and now they are getting a second chance to rework it so that gamers are a little bit more satisfied with […]

PS3 Hackers: Sony Goes After Them »

Sony got some disturbing news last week involving hackers that managed to gain access to the PlayStation 3, allowing them to load their own software onto the console. One of the band of hackers from “fail0verflow” nicknamed pytey who allegedly committed the crime said that there is absolutely no recovering from the recent hack job […]

OnLive: First TV Gaming Services »

OnLive: First TV Gaming Services – A new and upcoming gaming service called “OnLive” will soon be available to people across the nation. It is one of the first television gaming services to come to the states and there is a lot of anticipation surrounding it. OnLive will feature a wide variety of games, many […]

BioShock Infinite: Irrational Games »

BioShock Infinite: Irrational Games – Earlier today Irrational Games unveiled their latest project called ‘Bioshock Infinite’ formerly known as Project Icarus. This is the third installment of the series and by the looks of things it will be unforgettable. The company has decided to completely change BioShock’s universe, for BioShock Infinite the setting has been […]

Disney Buys iPhone Game Maker Tapulous »

Disney Buys iPhone Game Maker Tapulous – iPhone, iPod Touch and now iPad games have become extremely popular over the course of a few years. What many predicted never being possible has now become a reality. Mobile phone games have become incredibly advanced allowing users to play games on their iPhones with the graphics and […]

New Xbox 360:XBOX 360 Slim Release Date »

New Xbox 360:XBOX 360 Slim Release Date – Today at the E3 conference, Xbox 360 announced their new version of their XBox 360. This version will feature a slimmer model of the console, that will have substantially more impressive features. The new XBox 360 will be much quieter than the previous one. It will also […]