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Google Hires Lobbyists To Fight Antitrust Investigation »

Google is loaded for bear regarding the FTC’s impending antitrust probe into the company. Google says it has hired 12 lobbying firms to help them in battling the FTC in this regard. The FTC had been digging around Google regarding whether the company engaged in unfair practices in dominating the search engine market so the […]

Google Broke Competition Laws »

Google is at the battlefront again as the US Justice Department is investigating whether Google has been fixing it’s search results in their favor. If Google is found guilty of such a practice they might have to fork over $500 million for breaching competition laws. Something is up at Google as they felt it necessary […]

Google Online Music Service? »

Google is pouring on the innovation as it’s rumored the search engine giant will be adding a new music service today. Google it appears is taking a lead from Amazon that launched a music service of it’s own recently where people can upload their music to their servers as a storage device and play their […]

Apple, Google Facing Lawmakers Over Privacy »

The controversy regarding the use of tracking data of users of it’s iPhones and Smartphones has Google and Apple in the sights of lawmakers who are concerned about privacy issues. The companies that gather data from users say they need the data for various reasons and that has them salivating at the prospect of what […]

Google Youtube Copyright School »

As if Google doesn’t have enough to do now they’re cracking down on YouTube video users with a requirement that violators have to watch a copyright tutorial and pass a test if they want to go back and post any new videos. It’s like when you were a kid and threw a spitball in class […]

In The Plex Book On Google and Apple »

A new book that’s scheduled to hit the shelves this week is supposed to be so hot that it may tear the roof of the secret Google empire. “In The Plex” is a book authored by one Steven Levy who is a tech reporter who states he’d done two years of research into Google. The […]