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Skype, Gmail Targeted By Russian Security Service »

Somebody call the Kremlin! The Russian security service is out for blood and it’s Google, Gmail, Skype and Hotmail that are the target of the agency who want to ban them all as they’ve been determined to be security threats. The big boss there, Alexander Andreyechkin made the statements about the heavily used web services […]

Google Online Piracy Drama »

It appears Google is again the target of scorn as lawmakers have their sights set on the search engine giant claiming that Google is public enemy No. 1 regarding online piracy. It’s Chairman Bob Goodlatte R-Va that is pointing out Google’s foot dragging in regards to shutting out the websites that host or promote online […]

Google Mobile Payment Technology Near »

The Wall Street Journal said that Google is teaming up with Citigroup and Mastercard to set up what they estimate to be a mobile payment system that turns Android phones into somewhat of an electronic wallet. This should allow customers to wave or pass their Android phones before a small reader at the checkout counter […]

Google’s Universal Library Rejected By Judge »

Google has hit a federal roadblock in it’s attempts to establish the first universal library which would be archiving all the books ever published on Earth. The reason the federal judge blocked Google on Tuesday was because the settlement deal Google had put out for publishers was too far in granting Google control over the […]

Murder Linked To Abortion In Google Search »

A new “Google Bomb” hit on Friday that linked the words murder and abortion. Google Bombing is a way that takes advantage of the process by which Google ranks links. The bomb as it’s called alters the way search results respond to queries. In this incident, the word “murder” which shows a Wikipedia definition for […]

Google New Search Algorithm Goes After Content Farms »

Google tightened the clamp on content farms by changing its search algorithm significantly to weed out stolen or spam-like content that isn’t useful to viewers. The company said in a statement that the revisions have caused 11.8 percent of search queries to be “noticeably” updated. That means the top two or three search results have […]