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SlySoft AnyDVD HD »

SlySoft’s AnyDVD HD release strips BD+ from Blu-ray Discs Few months ago SlySoft revealed a beta of its AnyDVD HD software which obliterated BD+.Well the AnyDVD (HD) is her and possesses the ability to remove BD and protection from Blu-ray Discs.Here are the other features: – New (Blu-ray): Removes the BD+ protection from Blu-ray […]

Toshiba Cell-based TV »

Toshiba has created the ultimate TV called Cell-based TV that contains a combination of a powerful Cell microprocessor with the chip that sits at the heart of the PlayStation 3 games console. A prototype of the television was presented at this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show and apparently the results are impressive. Hiroaki Komaki, a […]

NBC Direct Offers Free Downloads »

NBC has announced the launch of its Direct service, which is now in beta stage which allows free downloads of NBC shows up to seven days after they air. The service is only available to Windows and IE users. The episodes delete automatically after 48 hours,but the player installation is rather annoying. First off, it’s […]

TiVo To Offer Advertisers Viewer Data »

U.S. digital video recorder company TiVo has plans to give information about age, income, marital status, ethnicity, and other factors to advertisers . According to The Wall Street Journal the detailed profiles of TiVo users will be given so ads can be better targeted. Representatives for TiVo could not immediately be reached for comment.

Mobius MKII Loudspeaker System Available In 2008 »

The Mobius MKII Reference Loudspeaker System is the most original and artistic thing I have ever seen. So if you want to make a statement or stand out ,you now know what to buy. They might appear small but they are not, the Mobius MKII stands approximately 38″ tall and houses four drivers in its […]