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Ryan Cleary (LulzSec Hacker??) Charged »

The teenager that Scotland Yard busted as a suspect in the cyber attacks on government websites and is a suspected member of such international criminal hacking groups as Anonymous and Lulz Security, is still hitting the news. Now it’s learned more about the strange behavior of Ryan Cleary, who is looking at insane amounts of […]

Citigroup Hackers Actions Explained »

More insight into the Citigroup hacking debacle has emerged. The hackers had acquired around 200,000 customer’s personal data and how they did it wasn’t super sophisticated either. They did it via the front door. They used the Citigroup login website and substituted their information with the hacker’s information and allowed the hackers access to the […]

China New US Enemy In Cyber War »

China has now turned into the official Soviet Union Lite as it has taken up the mantle of shifting responsibility for everything to someone else as long as it’s bad news. The Chinese military, much like the days of the Cold War, are blaming the US of some sort of global plan of internet domination […]

8 More Domains Seized By FBI »

The US has had the Department of Homeland Security continue it’s march to apprehend pirates on the web by taking over eight more website domains bringing to 128 domains that have been confiscated by the feds under their anti-piracy crusade. The seizures of these properties are being done just like any other property with court […]

Sony Sites Face More Security Issues »

Sony is in even more trouble as another hacking attack has hit the company. After a month long battle with hackers that had brought the Sony Playstation network to it’s knees, Sony rallied it’s forces to get the network back online but not after 77 million users felt the brunt of the attack. Personal information […]

Vitaly Borker Online Thug »

A Brooklyn, NY man named Vitaly Borker is apologizing for his actions online as he’s plead guilty to wire fraud, mail fraud, and two counts of sending threatening communications. Borker owned a sunglasses website that sold the products to people online. When people would complain about the products and services he would then send out […]