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Microsoft Skype Takeover »

Bill Gates admitted that he advocated Microsoft’s recent takeover of Skype. For those of you who haven’t used the video chat software, Skype allows users to communicate as if on the phone and see each other at the same time. Different users can connect using pin ID’s. The program is not particularly unique, but much […]

Microsoft, Skype Deal Risks »

Microsoft’s acquisition of the monster sized Skype network may well boost the video conferencing industry but not without it’s casualties. Companies like Plycom and Logitech may fall victim to this buyout as the industry could be edged out toward the downfall of the smaller companies. It’s all about the size. Microsoft and Skype are enormous. […]

Microsoft Profits Surpassed By Apple »

Microsoft is on the defensive now that they company says that sales of their Windows software had slumped during the last quarter and they’re blaming the iPad for the drop. It’s the first time in 20 ears that Microsoft has shown a smaller quarterly profit than Apple Inc. The sale of laptops has slowed since […]

Microsoft Attacking Google »

Microsoft has been going after Google like it ain’t no thang. Now the software giant wants to get some antitrust stances against Google because Google keeps expanding into other venues and Microsoft feels that expansion is cramping the style of the industry. Microsoft took their case to the European regulators. It sounds like that Microsoft […]

Paul Allen Slams Bill Gates In New Book: Idea Man: A Memoir »

There’s trouble in Microsoft Land as co-founder of the gillion dollar computer company, Paul Allen says in a new book that his partner, Bill Gates tried to cut Allen’s share of the company down when it was found out that Allen was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease way back in 1982. Allen says that Gates tried […]

Microsoft Sues Barnes & Noble »

Barnes & Noble Inc is going toe to toe with Microsoft Corp as the latter has filed lawsuits for patent infringement over the Nook electronic book reader. Microsoft basically says that Barnes & Nobel’s e-readers infringe on several of Microsoft’s patents using software that is able to tab between screens and surf the web as […]