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Microsoft Windows Phone Chips Development »

The Microsoft Corp. has officially announced that they will be coming out with a version of Windows have will run on cell phone chips, a truly innovative and groundbreaking development as far as OS software is concerned. This will be the first time that the Windows operating system will not be based entirely on Intel […]

Hotmail Lost Emails Now Restored »

There have been a number of Hotmail users who have reported seeing a blank inbox when logging into their accounts, revealing a serious glitch with the email site that is owned and run by Microsoft. So far there have many reports of this problem on the official Microsoft support forum that exists for users to […]

Acer Windows & Android Tablets »

Acer Windows & Android Tablets – It has just been announced that Acer is coming out with their new Android as well as tablets which will support Windows operating systems. The two ten inch tablets which are highly anticipated by consumers will be using a Windows operating system and an Android operating system, the details […]

Google Docs Microsoft Office Inclusion »

Google Docs Microsoft Office Inclusion – Quite a few people rejoiced with Google’s recent decision to support Microsoft Office documents from 2003, 2007, and 2010. Cloud Connect of an acquisition that Google recently made, allowing users to have an Office interface which they are familiar with as well as the functionality that comes along with […]

Windows Phone 7 Sales »

The Windows Phone 7 was officially launched on November 8th, becoming available to the public after a long period of anticipation from consumers all over. This new mobile phone release comes after a somewhat crippling loss that Microsoft suffered in the mobile phone market. Their hope is that they will be able to quickly recover […]

Windows 7 Phone: Samsung Focus Handset »

Windows 7 Phone: Samsung Focus Handset – The Samsung Focus Handset will become the first Windows 7 phone, according reports that were released today. The operating system has received a lot of attention since the company first announced it, and is supposed to be a huge upgrade from the previous versions of the Windows Phone […]