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Sony PlayStation On Hacker Response »

Their PlayStation may be back up and running and so is their arrogance as it’s reported that SONY Corp’s CEO Howard Stringer isn’t sorry about the way the company handled the hacking attack on their popular network that serves close to 100 million people. A few weeks ago Sony’s other top bosses bowed in apology […]

Sony Network Not Secure Yet »

With tens of millions of users and subscribers still in the dark, Sony Corp’s PlayStation network is still on the blink after weeks of a hacker attack. At first Sony was negligent in informing the public of what had happened until almost a week after the attacks. Then they delayed and delayed divulging how serious […]

NGP: Next Generation Portable PSP Successor Launch Near »

Sony has announced that very shortly they will be launching the successor to the PlayStation Portable, an incredibly popular mobile gaming console which caught fire once it hit the market. The latest release from this company will be called the “New Generation Portable” and it will have a five inch OLED display for extra high […]

PS3 Update 3.56: Sony New Firmware »

3.56 Update is now available to be downloaded. Most people who tried to connect to their PlayStation 3 today must have noticed that their game console needed an update. The 3.56 firmware was released last nightt and you are advised to download as soon as possible. Do not expect anything new from the firmware other […]

PSN Premium Services Details Leaked? »

PSN Premium Services Details Leaked? – Sony has accidentally unveiled details of its “premium” PlayStation Network service that will cost you between $20 to $60 a year, or $6 to $9 a month.Here are some of the features you will be getting for your cash.

Gold PS3:Gold Playstation 3 »

Gold PS3:Gold Playstation 3 – Gold Playstation 3/Gold PS3 is now available for purchase.Now it is official just for $4,999 you can buy the Playstation 3 that is made of 24k Gold for yourself or for your friend.Gold PS3 comes with two 24k controllers and a 1-year warranty,but if you have a bit more of […]