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Spaceport $200K Flights »

In the old days people predicted that by the year 2000 AD that Americans would be living and doing business in outer space with ease. Well, that’s a way off the mark prediction but with the new Virgin Galactic sub orbital tourist business about to launch by 2013 it’s getting closer. The company is so […]

Nasa Going After Space Junk »

In something out of a scene from a science fiction movie, NASA is going to attempt to use lasers to blast away space junk that is floating around Earth in orbit as the debris poses hazards to satellites. The lasers won’t actually blast the objects into atoms but will nudge them out of the way […]

Japan Radiation Exposure Risk Scares Europe »

Due to the fears of radioactive contamination entering the atmosphere from the damaged Japanese nuclear power plants, people in Finland are making bee lines to buy up as much iodine as they can get their hands on. They actually ran out of iodine on Saturday and as the fears abated a bit the country was […]

Nuclear Meltdown After Japan Earthquake 2011? »

The problems in Japan keep escalating regarding the ongoing nuclear power plant events as a sixth reactor loses cooling functions. The Tokyo Electric Power Co. said that one more of their reactors of their Fukushima nuclear power plants had lost its cooling functions bringing to six the number of reactors in trouble and causing great […]

Supermoon Caused Tsunami? »

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Moon! That’s the comical look at the recent spate of quakes and disasters summed up by the Washington Post writer Alexandria Petri. Some may take it too seriously as a mild yet growing concern over the upcoming real phenomenon called a Super […]

Extreme Super Moon on March 19 2011 »

March 19 will be the rise of the Super Moon a phenomena that occurs when the Moon will be closest to Earth aka lunar perigee and it will be a new or full moon. These two events have been called a Super Moon. It’s sure lots of astronomers and folks with the cameras will be […]