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Space Crews and Discovery Farewell »

It’s goodbye to the crews of the Space Shuttle Discovery and the team at the International Space Station as the Shuttle is on it’s way to end it’s final voyage after almost 30 years of operation. Discovery has the record for the most used spacecraft ever and will be mothballed after this mission. It’ will […]

Astronaut Gets Stuck In Space »

Today an astronaut named Stephen Bowen working in the International Space Station managed to himself stranded in space for half an hour because some robot actually an 800-pound pump broke down. That’s got to be scary as it’s like something out of a science fiction movie. Can you imagine what would have happened if R2 […]

Creationism Pushed By 13 Percent Of Biology Teachers »

A recent collection of data has revealed that around 13 percent of all biology teachers across the nation implement creationism into their syllabus. The study also revealed that most biology teachers do not actively teach their students about evolution and that a significant number of them encourage the concept of creationism. A small thirty percentage […]

New Astrology Chart Dates: Zodiac Signs 2011 »

A person can determine their astrological sign using their birth date. Their sign depends on the Earth’s relative position to the sun on that date. The Christian Science Monitor points to the silliness of horoscopes. They point out that the signs were developed nearly 2,000 years ago. As such, the position of the Earth relative […]

Lunar Eclipse 2010 »

The solar eclipse which took place at exactly 3:17 AM EST happened to coincide with the winter solstice of 2010, something that hasn’t happened in around 400 years so it is truly a historical event. The NASA website offered live video of the lunar eclipse as the moon was completely blocked out in the sky. […]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch »

December 8th was the scheduled day for the liftoff of SpaceX Falcon 9 and it was a historical day for space history. Space Exploration Technologies is the first private firm to send a craft up into orbit and successfully get it back down to the Earth. SpaceX had an incredibly successful run with their very […]