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Miyoshi TP-24G01 Wireless Keyboard Touchpad »

Miyoshi TP-24G01 Wireless Keyboard Touchpad – Miyoshi has unveiled what they are calling the wireless keyboard with touchpad aka the TP-24G01.The TP-24G01 which is a 2.4GHz keyboard features a wireless keyboard perfect for web browsing and emailing connects to a computer via USB.The Miyoshi wireless keyboard with touchpad is listed at $108.

In-flight Internet Service By JetBlue »

JetBlue Airways Corp has launched internet services on their flights today which include only e-mail and instant messaging for the moment. The company intends to provide high-speed services, such as Web surfing as early as next next year on some flights of AMR Corp.’s American Airlines, Virgin America and Alaska Air Group Inc.’s Alaska Airlines. […]

Google Bids For Wireless Spectrum »

Google Inc. has just jumped in the bid for wireless in an upcoming government auction to become a wireless service provider.The Federal Communications Commission is auctioning the 700 megahertz spectrum or C Block (considered extremely powerful) to increase bandwidth for mobile phone and Internet services on.Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman and CEO,released the following statement: