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China New US Enemy In Cyber War

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China has now turned into the official Soviet Union Lite as it has taken up the mantle of shifting responsibility for everything to someone else as long as it’s bad news.

The Chinese military, much like the days of the Cold War, are blaming the US of some sort of global plan of internet domination and hacking and whatever. Of course China is saying this when it was found out that their military were responsible for hacking into Gmail accounts of top military people in the US.

This is the type of propaganda that the former Soviet Union used to get into with the US. China is now saying that the US is using a cyber war to unsettle the Islamic countries.

As if China cares about religion? China still imprisons and executes religious people on a regular basis and they’re worried that about the Muslims? More than likely China is trying to throw the Muslims off track by blaming the US for what China is doing behind the scenes.

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More than likely what is going on in China is that they’re terrified their citizens will learn about what their government has been doing to them for decades and turn into a revolt like what has happened in the other countries where tyranny and dictators rule. With the deaths and expulsions of a dozen or more dictators in the past 12 years alone plus the past year of major upheaval thanks to web access and social networking sites like Facebook, these revolts against tyrannical governments are swift and very effective. If the people in China revolted it would have enormous impact as no military on Earth could contain all those people. It would take the people of China about two weeks to overturn the communist and criminal hold on that country.

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