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Cigar Guy

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Cigar Guy – The “Cigar Guy” meme has spread around the Internet and has increased in popularity in recent weeks. The unidentified man appeared in a photo of Tiger Woods as he hit a ball directly at a cameraman in London’s Daily Mail. When you first look at the picture, you notice that Tiger is hitting the ball, and then your eyes will inevitably drift to the man with a cigar in his mouth, hands in his pockets, wearing a turban with a Super-Mario style mustache.

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Undeniably, he looks hilarious and has been the focus of a number of Internet jokes in recent days. It’s impossible to pin down exactly what it takes to become an Internet joke, but the man seems to possess all the qualities of the perfect Internet meme. He is unique, funny, and doesn’t seem to care what the rest of the world thinks about him.

The photo has been the source of a number of photoshops that place the man in entirely different (but equally hilarious) situations. A number of newspapers have tracked the progress of the photo which quickly spread around the internet and into various publications. The “Cigar Guy” already has the presence online of a number of longtime memes, so do not be surprised if you see the picture popping up quite a bit over the course of the next few months.

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