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Citigroup Hackers Actions Explained

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More insight into the Citigroup hacking debacle has emerged.

The hackers had acquired around 200,000 customer’s personal data and how they did it wasn’t super sophisticated either. They did it via the front door.

They used the Citigroup login website and substituted their information with the hacker’s information and allowed the hackers access to the system.

This latest monster hacking attempt follows two other major hacking stories, one literally shut down the Sony PlayStation network leaving over 77 million users in the dark. Then came last week’s hacking into the International Monetary Fund’s database which had the World Bank cut off the IMF to avoid further invasion.

At a time when the global economy is careening out of control and natural disasters hitting left and right, the world can’t afford these breaches in security as it further jeopardizes stability.

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Fortunately several arrests have been made in regards to the hackers and as one hacker goes down and is facing massive prison and lawsuits, those hackers are rapidly ratting out their comrades at an alarming rate. The US is one country that has looked at military intervention toward the hackers and that means soon deadly force might be used.

If that happens, and it most likely will, the world of hacking will no longer be a situation where it’s “cool” to be a hacker, it will soon be “deadly” to be a hacker.

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