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Cory Ondrejka Leaves Second Life

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Cory Ondrejka, Virtual world Second Life’s chief technology officer has quit earlier today in order to pursue other professional goals.
Ondrejka helped write the computer code that underpins the popular virtual world.
Philip Rosedale, CEO company, said in statement:

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Ondrejka resigned to “pursue new professional challenges” and said he and Ondrejka had strategic differences.”The needs of our company are changing, and the role of CTO, or technical lead, has also evolved,” “Cory and I are in agreement that our paths, at this point in time at least, lie in different directions.”

Lately Second Life has been criticized for technical problems such as graphics that load painfully slowly and bizarre glitches where avatars appear unintentionally naked.
Additionally the site faced major issues with hackers and hecklers.

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